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Cowboy Wisdom/Robert A. Wilson

I now opened my heart eyes and souls ears to grasp me all the people animals and all the worldly landscape are swift gifts of the mystical…

Magicians of the universe so I now audaciously concede I release my needs and wants of following herd of greedocracy that creates…

Mediocrity because I focus on what other people have playing a pity me spitefulness in me is now gone forever more as I soar…

Because I now ravishingly admit I am the swift gift of life to me and all of the world as I whirl of wise omnificence revving up liberating…

Dreams to feel my esteemed elegance dance within my veins of fame entertaining the world and all the people with epitomizing guts….

They are a swift gift to me and all of the world I now realize I am the swift gift of my life electrifying my emotional gleam…

Within me myself and I to unleash my glowing swift gift of spectacular wisdom invigorating feisty trailblazing gut intuition fervently…

Tantalizing silence wows internal foresight trendsetting galvanizing innovative frontrunner tenacity allowing me to understand silence…

Empowers emotional moxie philosophizing omnific wizardry engaging revolutionary savvy to understand life moves and groves…

To my soothing smooth internal inspirational ingenuity unlocking my brash boldofme to ruthlessly admit I live to my encrypted fears…

Of my parents and the embedded scarcity of my parents as I now dauntlessly declare I am here on the earthly plane to fissure…

The history of my family and the world as I now understand my life is a swift gift to be of the energy of silence executes the affluent…

Actions of silence to recognize life forever in motion of emotional élans to realize it is the silence to hear seer of myself to expand…

The innergizing of my eternal innovation realizing life is energy of expansion to understand the gut struts enterprising my eulogies…

Of empathy to cognize and empty mind shows my entrepreneurialized sapience of silence to be of silence innerprizes….

My dreams of copious cornucopia yet feeling emotional energies of life’s expanded epiphanies to feel the swift gift of silent emotions…

Cutting the crap of the out chatter I now realize the ego is of absolute delusion as spirit amble of ambiguity to ignite eternal enlighten…

3 thoughts on “Swift Gift

    Carolyn Hatton said:
    September 11, 2015 at 1:37 pm

    Is this the Robert( Rocky ) Wilson , who lives in Camden , N.J.. It sure sounds like you and is great.


    M.Dusina said:
    September 11, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    Your writings here are very soul stirring!
    Thank you for all you are choosing to bear witness to.
    Clearly..the trails you’ve traveled have served you well as,Wisdom words flow freely now.
    Cowboy “UP!”
    Shared you on my Facebook site.
    My public site is:
    Cosmic Cowgirl!


    Swift Gift | Mindy1414 said:
    September 11, 2015 at 4:50 pm

    […] Source: Swift Gift […]


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