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Life is loveValue of Appreciative

Cowboy Wisdom/Robert A. Wilson

I expansively feel the gracious veracity appreciative for my life experiences the unsheathed a poetic peace to flow through me…

Arteries of reveries that vibrate natural nuance that announces astute nurturing nibbana optimism unleashing nabob candor…

Exciting superstar savvy to ride the tides of triumph to glide on my cloud nine drinking my divine wines of wininity feeling my jubilees…

Of free glowing grandeur from heart and soul appreciative sensations sanctions my festivities of farsighted eloquence spicy temerity…

Invigorating virtuous imaginative trendsetting innovator emotionalizing spectacular accomplished outcomes to arrive and be of my galas…

Galvanizing awesome luminary affluence seeing my life as the Disney Land as I authorized myself today to express the word…

Gratitude and feel where I felt the word expand me and then I expressed the word appreciative and feel where I felt the energy…

Of appreciative now where do the readers of this inspired expression of expanded expansionism feel the energy for me I felt gratitude in…

My head and appreciative rose from my gut all through me authorwised me sense my mojo of my grit get and go to realize…

Appreciative allows me to appreciate participate parlay regal elegance catapults intuitive animation trending enterprising ventures…

Of visionary entrepreneurial numen trailblazing unfathomable escapades sailing the oceans of the world expressing my appreciative…

Levity living everyday vibrantly inspired tantalizing yes I am alive raising urbane fame through out my day-to-day extravaganzas…

As I now relish my appreciative yahoo for life is dance of dreams aggrandizing newborn clairvoyance energizing my gifts of swift…

Actions as I now my endowed appreciative woos my wisdom omnipotent omnificence to be my dancing vanguards as I now feel…

My rising self-rich value of appreciative allows me to live I feel the vim and vigor of appreciative to let go of gratitude as I express…

The essence of appreciative energizes my wily will to live the jive of my enlivened epiphanies the brew their new ado oohs and ahs…

My blazing fortes to feel omnipotent revelations tantalizing enterprized splendor to flow through my veins of ardor animating revolutionary…

Dreamers omnificence revving up my crisp appreciative heart and soul savvy to concede I now understand the grandeur of my life’s parades…

Of rad riches that I received abundances gamboling on my dance floor of gold bars because I am appreciative for every event of my life…

Because I magnetized all the pieces of every event to be in the right place at the right time to entertain my prime time diviner to open…

My subliminal hymnal of the songs I wrote as I sung my songs to magnetize the airwaves with charismatic bravura…

Open your wisdom to Understand Fear to Expand Out of Fear, 

Walk of Wisdom Webinar September 29, 2015,


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Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

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