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Life is loveExecutor Lore

I now realize my executor lore authorwises me to express inspirational outcome dissolving goals and intentions writing a loose plan with…

Accomplished actions to grasp inspirations energize my emotional orgasms to understand life is examination of eternal x-factors…

Appreciation understanding moment-to-moment investigation of my internal modus operandi naturalizes innermost optimism nurturing…

My life dance of daring dreamers animated nirvana canonizing everyday extravaganzas to recognize my wise waltzing intuitive…

Savvy today everyday in everyway I sashay my mega dynamic self-esteem to beam I here for quiz of my wizardry now because I now…

Understand my executor lore excites x-factor élans catapulting unearthly trailblazing omnipotent reverence to flow through…

My veins of vibrant éclat’s invigorating my natural sassy talent tantalizing aggrandizing luminous enterprising nibbana today…

Cognizes my pure passion to expand eliminates my viewpoints limiting beliefs opinions and all minions of my life unsheathes…

My rabble rousing robust trust of my doer legacy as I now understand my executor lore authorized me to ask…

How is my life a quiz of wizardry? I now unleash my executor lore to expand Xanudu élans canonizing uncanny trailblazing oracle…

Revelations lionizing omnific revolutionary enterprising trails of triumph allows me myself and I to feel the celestial candor within me…

As I magically meander through my keen scenery to my terra incognita intuition to adamantly admit to me myself and I….

My mystical magical miraculous blesses me myself and I as I grasp the world turns of trendsetting utopian rad nous sensualizing my core…

Décor of soaring savvy to see animated visionary veracity yes all phases of my life to understand I am thee executor of my dreams…

Desires and the way I respond of fond forthright off the cuff nurturing discernment to understand I am the initiator of ingenious sensations…

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With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom Enterprises, LLC

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Robert’s Author’s page www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson

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