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Cowboy Wisdom/Robert A. Wilson

Introducing the universe to the splendor of sumptuous gusto to of above the fray of life lifting the veil of fail heralding internal…

Eternal virtuosity so say out loud Sumptuous Gusto… What did you feel internally after speaking sumptuous gusto?

How emotional liberated feeling the flow of glowing sumptuous gusto? Is emotional presto I let go I let go I expand of grandeur fore sure…

As I unlocked a block initiating new understanding of humility fertility unseals my inborn candid cocky cleverisme to understand…

My humble verve to hear my sassy sagacity from my visionary valor to show people the way to experience their sumptuous gusto flows…

Through airwaves massaging the ears of people to hear the harmonizing virtues of their visions sanctioned me to envision…

My universe glittering sparkling sumptuous gusto as I say presto to my galvanizing glory because I dissolved my history the instant…

I stopped smearing my hearing with preconceived beliefs of my memorized reactions to my life situations that kept me intrinsically…

Inept that kept me inside my opinionated judgments I now understand liberating internal fortes enjoying everyday as new venue…

Of visionary energized nirvana unleashing élans of sumptuous gusto feeling and enjoy this day’s stupendous unparalleled marvelous…

Pleasures treasuring ultra omnipotent ubiquitous success glowing utopia splendor titillating on cloud nine wininity unsheathes…

My easy streaming wild imaginative nous inspiring nirvana innovation trailblazing yamazing trails of heralding yessing affluent moneyed up…

Adventures zestfully inspiring newborn genius to rise from my hidden chambers of collaborating hegemonic acuity masterfully broadening…

Enterprising revelations within me to feel the innocence of inspiration because inspiration mirrors virgin snow falling from sky with every…

Snowflake being of tis individuality as inspirational intuition present circumdances that are occurring in my life because every unsavory…

Situation gift of thrifty temerity to audaciously awaken me out of my limiting beliefs and opinionated judgments that I unknowingly…

Encompassed as I awesomely asked me… How will I feel experiencing sumptuous gusto? As I open my internal fertility radiate vibrant…

Vitality to beam from within me as I now understand my omnific orgasms are pure clear empowered inspiration that saturates…

My cells of hell yeah life is steaming hot volcano of sumptuous gusto erupts my lava of lavish luxury that flows so effortlessly through…

All phases of my amazing life that lionizes instinctive fantasies embellishing my venturous veracity to feel my legacy élans excites…

My thrill seeker campaigner entertains my warrior tour de force as my empowered emotional orgasm to clear and purify my internal pioneer…

To hear my breezes of unrestrained fame to feel my sumptuous gusto flow glow and go through my arteries revolutionary reveries…

Open your wisdom to Understand Fear to Expand Out of Fear,

Walk of Wisdom Webinar September 29, 2015,

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