Feel My Dreams

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Life is loveFeel My Dreams

Cowboy Wisdom/Robert A. Wilson

I blatantly asked me… How and where do I feel my dreams within me? Then I asked… How am I afraid to feel my dreams within me?

Then came this question… How does thinking my thought processes and memories quall my dreams before they begin?

As I now understand to dream is to live a life of nonthinking untaught unscripted liberated from the school system and free of memory…

I now understand to experience my dreams I feel the dream rise from root chakra through me because I now understand as the energy…

Flows from my gut my thinking mind is benign and never whines as I now understand dreams are above the thinking mind and out of…

The realm of my self-taught stuff that bluffed me into staying on the couch of slouch because I never wanted to be ridiculed by the in…

Crowd which has been my downfall crawling around in a false sense happy as I now realize dreams are my terra incognita trails to unlock…

The blocks of my self-imposed limitations as I now grasp to dream is to be liberated from thinking emancipated from thought released…

From my memories as I now realize to fit in to society and the corporate cloned world I stay in the same of the mundane to never…E

Ever wander past the fence of dense as step programs are baby cliffs to fall off yet keep people inside the fence of dense because…

Outside the fence of dense are my senses of sovereign epiphanies naturalizing spectacular everyday splendor to fill my core with…

My billionaire flair of bright internal light loving inspirational omnipotence nurturing animated innovative revelations energizing…

Fervor lore appreciating infinite riches that flow through me with freedom to understand people live to their fears with scared…

Undercurrent of what other people think is the fink of being human because to stay thinking as human keeps my creepy calamities…

Crawling around in my memory mind that defines me myself and I by what I believed in limiting beliefs following the scurrying selfish herd…

Viewpoints had to be right and all my egotistical arrogance was my delusional despair thinking life was never fair was I being scared…

Of life went away today as I now understand my dreams and accomplished outcomes and my paths to the promise land are going…

To be above the thinking minds of all people because my dreams are unique to my myself and I as my highway to heaven on earth…

Extravaganzas are experienced by my walk of willingisme audacity liberating kinetic energies of enterprising endeavors allows me…

To never question anybody else’s path because everybody’s expanding erudition is unique to them as I now understand was…

My blemished B trying to drag people along thinking my way of expanding through life was one shoe fit all was a self-taught gauntlet…

Of self-righteous rat a tat crap that kept me walking the straight and narrow perils of paucity because to dreams is to wander floundering…

Fostering facilitating foresight because the creeks of unique twist and turn until they unite with my rivers of revelations that curve…

With natural nerve to my oceans of opulence enlightens my heart soul DNA and cells to be free to feel rococo emotional energy because…

My external world is true test of internal inspired desire to feel the dreams because I now candidly concede as I feel my dreams…

Exude my prudent esteemed essence blesses the world expressed wisdom optimism revered lively dreamers lore…

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Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

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