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Cowboy Wisdom/Robert A. Wilson

I unleashed my ascending light of lionized inspirational gut strut to understand I feel my forthright enterprising energies light up…

The universes skies with my parading pie of the sky spry wise to understand wisdom energizes geysers of genius as thinking corrupts…

Me into deceiving me and believing other people because it is easier to concede in need which binded my memory mind as I now unwind…

My divine spine wininity I free my enterprising energies of gee wizardry of my ascending light awesome sassy creeds energizing…

Nirvana dreams innocently naturalizing grandeur living internal gutsy hegemonic temerity everyday as I feel my ascending light exalts…

My facilitating energy the world senses a new wisdom entering their life universes airwaves of astute inspirational reveries whooshing…

Animated visionary epiphanies sensualizing their eternal wise understand they comprise all the geysers of genius to experience life…

Of ascending light as I now grasp my ascending light beams a bold effrontery astute moxie showing the world that world is mess of hell…

Yes I am the best at investing in myself to gleam gallant luminary electrifying amazing magnificence from my heart and soul allows me…

To now understand trying to perfect creates insecure and creating fears of am I good enough and what will other people think is…

My festering innermost fink was unlinked from me today and forever more as I now dissolve my human thinking expanded into…

Inspirational innovation allows my emotional eulogies free me to hear my acumen ascendancy as I now understand beliefs opinions…

Viewpoints and thinking absolutes are the pollution of my fears and insecurities as I admit and realize thinking cause delusions of…

Guilty illusions because shame and blame stem from guilty thinking because I believed what other told me because I taught myself…

My beliefs viewpoints and opinions were the only way to walk in the world was a fallacy I encompassed because to walk of the world is…

To walk of wisdom listening to the seers of endearing enterprising wise speak to me through my divine spine connection as I now realize and…

Admit being stuck in viewpoints opinions and beliefs is stuck mediocrity I think I thought that stuck in muck allows my to…

Be unstuck and unleashing my ascending light of bright knighted enlightenment to unhook my human stuff that was blindsiding bluff…

Authorizes me buff my bold utopian farsighted fervor to forever soar of ascending light and that’s right in bright bold way…

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