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Cowboy Wisdom/Robert A. Wilson

I expanded to be of the innocence of unthinking life to feel liberated internal freedoms everyday sensing my heydays of my sired desires…

I now realize and admit I am in my current situation whether dynamic bad or indifferent is all because of me myself and I and my thinking…

I asked me today… How is thinking binded to memory in all minds? As I asked… How do I feel releasing and dissolving the mind from my life?

Because I now admit minds binds me into yesterday dismay went away today as I now play on my divine wininity forever more I soar…

I internally replied with spry savvy I feel relieved and released from the memories of my life thrive of alive ingenuity feeling I won…

I asked me now… How does thinking stink up my brain? To… How does all my thinking thought processes stem from my blemished memories?

Then I Zenned… How do I understand unthinking unteaching unlistening to my memories free my dreamer’s lore and sired desires?

As I now grasp life is experienced through unthinking utopian nirvana trendsetting intuitive niyama keen insight naturally galvanizing…

Listening to my gut genius to grasp the brain is ordained from the gut savvy to expand through life living in the moment of magical moxie…

As I ask… How does inspiration sweeten my brain to feel my dreamers dare because I am rare breed with credence of mega star savvy?

I asked me today… How do I overthink the simplicity of my dreams and desires? So I dissolved and released all my undesired in my life…

Instantly as I now understand dreams and desires are my divine talent speaking to me yet I allow my thinking stink up my inner-self…

As I asked me today… How are my dreams my uninhibited inspiration? Excites my innermost innovation as awaken this day I unlocked…

This question How can I think about my dreams and living a life of riley as I use yesterdays thinking?

How is thinking overrated and my inner berating of myself? As I unlatched my sapient panache I instantly am unattached to my…

Thinking thought and memories that are filled with embedded dreads because I now admit and understand thinking has been my downfall…

Because I now understand listening livens internal sassy tenacity energizes nirvana invigorating natural genius to flow through my…

Cells of hell yes I am mega success because I address confess bless all selfish stuff electrifying my internal infernos of innovative numen…

Foresight fostering enterprising revelations nurturing optimistic savvy to stream through me frees this newborn nous inspiration ordains…

The brain opened revolutionary dreamers audacity inciting nibbana sass to steam my saucy sapience to grasp dreams are my gut talent…

Heart animation soul sapience DNA heydays of my cellular network of new-fangled electric trendsetting wisdom…

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With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

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