Dissolving My Innermost Childhood Safeguards

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Cowboy Wisdom/Robert A. Wilson

I now admit my childhood was right for my paths of percipience trials of tribulation trails of trailblazing temerity because I now understand…

My parents were my teachers for my divine design to expand my life in lionized inspirational fervent extravaganza so now I address…

Confess and bless my childhood all of those involved that evolved me in an excellent elegant way as I now dissolve my innermost…

Safeguards release all animosity let go of whatever to expand my life energize my emotional powers enterprise my entrepreneurial wise…

To execute my exulting experiences that open and unleash my savvy kapish to say I love you to my parents that have passed yet put up…

With me and gave me all the tutelage to ascend me on the voyage of visionary veracity to travel my terra incognita feats with frontiersman…

Foresight that unblocked and unlocked my keen enlightenment insight to me myself and I as I now fly so dynamically sovereign forever…

I now grasp and concede my childhood beliefs viewpoint opinions perceptions interpretations parental interactions school years and…

Surroundings were embedded within me good bad or mundane they are my internal make up as I now realize and admit I can do all the…

Personal growth spiritual stuff change my thoughts change my life yet I will be forever stifled and stuck in my mockery of me myself and I…

Until speak to my childhood memories profess whatever is festering up from my childhood in my day to day life extol that toll they take on…

Me internally I stay status quo whoa as I now flush my childhood scours down the stool unlocking cocky candor to appreciate…

My childhood for the good I enjoyed as I now free my heart soul DNA and cells unstaining my brain to ordaining my brain as organ of…

My body that is in sapient synchronicity heart soul spine gut and divine as they intertwine my spiritual personal and enterprising wise I…

Geyser my canonized charisma through the universe to sing songs of dissolving my innermost childhood safeguards that thwarted me…

At every turn of my life without me having a clue I was doing it to me myself and I because I was always in all ways looking outward…

Instead of inward where my all my grandeur lies a sleep waiting for me to awaken from my sheeple sleep because all my childhood…

Security blankets were buried deep with seeping delusions of color inside the lines lunacy that I have lived within so now I color the…

World with outside the line shining my divine light of my champion campaigner as I now awoke today with poke from my eternal spirit…

Understand life is to be lived in the moment with very event as enterprising surprise from my inner wise…

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With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

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