Dissolving Habitual Partnerships

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I forgive m I am freeDissolving Habitual Partnerships

Cowboy Wisdom/Robert A. Wilson

I now feel as the worldly landscape sense my dynamic essence of elegance that dances my harmonizing wizardry through the airwaves…

As I evolve of entrepreneurial vision opens lively vibrant enterprising surprises to arise from within me unleashes my willing wherewithal…

To share with all people to show people the way I expanded my life allowing people to utilize my wisdom their way as I now grasp…

Arrogance tells people as wisdom shows people the way to expand through life as I now dissolve my partnership with arrogance…

That was my know it all crawl that stalled me out in doubt for years as I hear my seers of success energizing everyday revolutionary savvy…

To see my daily life with liberated innovative foresight electrify my cells of hell yes I feel my inspirational blessings this day from…

Daily escapades as I now admit and grasp arrogance is the leading factor to all rat a tat crap within me freed me today…

As I now show me I emboss the sass to dissolve all partnership with my habitual haunts that keeps me creeping into my inner dialog…

Thinking I am smarter than somebody which always in all ways leads to my eating of humble of pie arrogance denies the wise of others…

As I now understand my arrogance was the demise of my listening wise waltz internal spry expressing I address confess and bless me…

This day with this bold admittance and realization that my thinking views opinions and beliefs are my inner thieves deceiving me…

As I asked me today… How do all my beliefs thinking viewpoints opinions and memories create all my internal guilt and negativity?

As now expand of gutsy gallantry to admit and realize all the guilt and negativity stem from within me as I now free my enlighten foresight…

To ignite my light of bold brilliance express this wise savvy to me and the world…

As I try to everything to everybody I end up being nothing to anybody especially me myself and I as awaken my troublemaking troubadour…

This morning to understand to expand energize enterprise entrepreneurialize execute & experience my desire galvanized gusto….

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Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom Enterprises, LLC

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