Trailblazer Brilliance

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Cowboy Wisdom/Robert A. Wilson

I feel my trailblazer brilliance exhilarate my gut strut to galvanize ultra torchbearer savvy trendsetting utopian temerity that unlocks…

My trails of triumph because I now grasp my trailblazer brilliance shows me myself and I my pathways through turmoil realizing…

My terra incognita chutzpah frees my nitty gritty go-getter to understand life is never blazing trails on the external planes…

Because I now understand and admit blazing trails on the physical plane is my monotonous mustiness of thinking life is unfair hard and…

cruel leaving me myself and I drooling over what everybody else has is crass blasphemy screwing myself over and over because I keep…

Weeping in the same thoughts of not that got me wrought up in doubt because I was afraid of the rad revolutionary regal within me…

To understand the royalty of my life is within me myself and I showcasing I am a man with divine spine connection that hears…

My internal queen keen insight with king sovereignty that rides my stallion of savvy hearkens my mare moxie magnetizes the universes…

Airwaves with my entrepreneur bravura to admitting to my pacesetter prowess wows my internal innovator to ride the elevator…

Of innerprising surprises to lust in trust of ascending acumen that arises my from my innermost author of animated unearthed…

Torchbearer hero optimizing rococo resolve because I now understand people take a subliminal snapshot of me myself and I authorwises…

Me to understand the snapshot is either I am hero or a zero as I now expresses the hero snapshot the feel my utopians upshots the zero…

Never allows me to be above their fears as people forever smear their fears of me through the mindset as people see others through their…

A zero snapshot they judge people through arrogant snobbish silliness as I now grasp my legacy lore allows me to feel the elegance of all…

Peoples wizardry to expand my wisdom energize my geysers of wiser willingisme internally sensualizing entrepreneurial resplendency…

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