Emotional Emancipation

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I forgive m I am freeEmotional Emancipation

Cowboy Wisdom/Robert A. Wilson

I instantly felt the svelte savvy of inspiration to expand my life in every way as I now dissolve thinking my way to understand I inspire…

My desires of my wise internal wizardry to feel my emotional emancipation exhilarate my innate potentate dexterity to wow me…

Myself and I to admit and understand change your thoughts change your life never showed me the way to dissolve unwanted…

Partnerships within my skin to feel my winner’s wininity because I now feel admit and get I won my game of emotional emancipation by…

Trusting my campaigners valor because change is the same of the mundane profanity everyday as I now grasp and gallop…

Of my ultramundane fame releasing the forgiveness blame and shame game of staying the same because I now embrace I forgive me I am…

Free to appreciation the life expand value of every situation I encounter to experience my life of glorious gusto as I say presto..

To understand the elegance of dissolve let go release to expand the emotional emancipation of my enterprising endeavors because…

Thinking create emotional chaos because as life sends me unsavory situation the snapshot of my mind emotional association creates…

The freaking out creep to seep into my overthinking brain of stained insanity panicking frantically without ever devolving into dissolving…

The prankster angst of the situation as I now understand to expand I feel the inspiration of intuition that overtakes the fake and bake…

Of thinking because my inspiration intuition excites the bright brilliance of brain prowess to wow all situations to be of wisdom to expand me…

Through life forever more I now feel my emotional emancipation because I asked me… Why do I have to fit into world the way…

Other people think? Unblocked this canny candor to live life according to societal silliness is to live a controlled condemnation within me…

Because internally I was try to please other pissing me myself and I off because my gut gallantry was speaking my emotional emancipating…

Eulogies foresighted fervor of soaring sassy tenacity unlashed this dashing question How is fitting into societal sapping apathy create…

My asinine acceptance of every event in my because acceptance devalues life as appreciation raises the enterprising…

Emotional outcomes because to appreciate give a vibrancy to life experiences because I asked me today…

How does change heal create transformation acceptance expectation goals intentions and telling people how to do things bring cause pilfering paucity to be the thief of life living on a horizontal time line of benign?

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Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

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