Unstifled Life

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I forgive m I am freeUnstifled Life

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I boldly asked me… How do I allow life to stifle me myself and I? Unlocked this societal block the system of selfishness stifles the…

World as I now admit and grasp I feel into the pit of dimwit as I stepped into the turds of herdocracy greedocracy that I must…

Control and be in charge was barrier of inferiority I enclosed that hosed me with horror that stifled me myself and I because I felt…

I was depriving me myself and I by thinking life through by what I knew was pooh stew of what do I do as I now understand inspiration…

Unleashes savvy action and explorer lore as I new understand within explorer is lore to lionize omnific resolve everyday to evolve…

Of enterprising visionary opulence livens vibrant engendering eloquence that embraces my dreams with a dawning sunrise…

Wizardry allows me to understand I listen to blisten brilliant legacy intuition sensualizing trendsetting emotional nous to grasp the lousy…

Listlessness of following the herds slurring sabotaging barrage of BS as I now understand I expand through life as I now embellish…

My deep understanding of me myself and I inspirationally feel my unstifled life rifle my rich internal foresight loving everyday fervor…

To foster eternal revolutionary vim opening robust lust of me myself and I to energize inspiring desire to dream elegance seeing…

Innerprising surprising emotional fervency to understand there is never urgency for anything because urgency is poverty…

Consciousness that keeps stifling my life as I now understand the poetic poise of expansionism inside me occurs as I am the student…

Of prudence open willing and internally to receive the new wisdom of state-of-the-art wininity that frees me from my selfish stifling self…

Of palavering scarcity that smartness of society wanted be to believe as I now understand the mainstream spins what they want me…

To hear and do never was for me myself and I tied me into the lies of yesterday went away today as I now the gutsy gusto of stupendously…

Savvy to sense my innerwise rise and shine my new attitude of animated trendsetting talent invigorating trendsetting unfathomable…

Enterprising endeavors to be my way of life and sources of peace prosperity and living of my Rivera of Riches now and forever…

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Author’s page www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson

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With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

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Robert’s Author’s page www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson

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