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I now understand I am expanding of spiritual entrepreneurialism to dissolve the moldy apathy of being stuck in the crook of…

I am spiritual being having human experience because I now understand I taught myself to be human through books that are…

Written to control me to keep weeping inside societies harassing pecking orders name and money first is the worst of the human…

Hauteur’s of as I brilliantly asked… How did I teach myself to controlled by hindsight and being human?

As I unlatched this new premise I never take back anything I uncover discover and unleash what I already encompass to write and speak…

In take back this take back that is fake and bake and has me flip flopping in human crap-I-tice victim-I-tice because I tried to think…

My way through life causes baffling apathy to be my way of life as I expand to understand the world grins of gusto as the earth is ring…

Of wisdom for me to expand yet I now realize and admit the world is attached to computers and books that has stolen the inspirational…

Love of intuition because I can put data in a computer to get the outcome I want as inspiration innocence shows my intuitive fortitude…

Of innerprising innovation because I now understand human is connect to the conscious mind that binds the world in ancestral angst that is…

The aggravating prankster of poverty conscious as I now spiritual entrepreneurialism is inspirational sagacious moxie encompassed…

Within me as I set me myself and I free to emancipate me myself and I from I am spiritual being having a human experience to understand…

I spiritual entrepreneur feeling my frontiersman enterprising energies lionizing intrinsic natural geysers of inspirational wizardry entertains…

My divine spine gut brain synchronicity of enterprising electricity to understand the powers to be want me to think in human limitations…

With belief viewpoints thinking thoughts and living in the control of their book of bondage that everything occurs on the physical plane…

Of the mundane is the easy way to keep people locked blocked and socked human thinking that is the fink of rink a dink went down…

The drain today as I now understand the spirit is savvy prowess invigorating revered internal trendsetting tenacity to blast the crassy…

Crap of thinking inside the chiding lies of human to excite the bright lights of luminary inspirational gut hegemony trailblazing trails…

Of hell yes right through the fires hell with torchbearer fervor that heats the neat of me myself and I to fly from human cocoon…

To canonizing omnipotent catapulting opulence opening new frontiers of seer because I hear the seers of success speak so eloquently…

To me myself and I now and forever   I now dissolved the arrogance of humanness within me to ask…

How do I allow my thinking in human control me through thinking in memory? As I am now liberated from the human experience…

Feeling my spiritual savvy and entrepreneurial lore fore sure life is walk of wizardry hearing the world ring of wisdom speak to me…

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