Electric Enlightenment

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Electric Enlightenment

Cowboy Wisdom/Robert A. Wilson

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I now feel my electric enlightenment to understand the glorious grandeur of whom I am because I now brashly ask me myself and I…

How is thinking I have having a human experience keeping me living in limitation and lack? As I sense my electric enlightenment turn on…

Switches of eternal ebullience energizes brilliant utopian lionizing lithe invigorating entertaining nirvana canonizes enterprising surprises…

To rise of innerprizes surprises to shine my divine lore of lucent omnipotent revolutionary electric enlightenment of mystical magical…

Miraculous maturity to sense my spectacular bliss of thrilling illumination of me myself and I that brightly lionizes internal…

Stupendous splendor of awesomeisme ardor of adoring me myself understand to endear me to my fears to unfear my unearthly nous…

Feeling enlightened audacity revering my inner scenery of farsighted freedoms that open my omnific power of electric enlightenment…

As I audaciously ask me… How do books teach control and limitations without me having a clue? As undo my new do of dreamers optimism…

Within me I see me free to grasp asskissing never gets me anywhere as my guts and candor forever show me the grandeur of sovereign…

Sass to kick the crass of being asskisser to the curb for waste management pickup as I now hear the ethers of the universes…

Airwaves express ascending inspirational revelations whizzing astute visionary élans sensualizing my brains enthusiasm for my spiritual…

Entrepreneurialism to grasp inspirational sassy moxie allows the appreciate my challenges and chaos I now understand fissure…

My stranglehold on my moldy old behaviors of thinking my way through life change my thoughts life will change is Pandora’s…

Paradoxes of always being the chicken in the fox den of depending on others that smoothers me myself and I and always looking to the…

External for a savior thinking thoughts of pity me palaver creating the peevish eesh within me to never get off my couch ouch that always…

Thinking in human hauteur that kept me stuck in limiting fodder because wealth was for others because I bought into the rat a tat…

Crap that outside sources were my way to my Promised Land was flat out lazy way I lived with having a clue the my live expanding…

Ado was within my skin with waltzing wisdom of wily inspiringly daring optimistic moxie to unlocking the blocks I placed inside me and…

It was never about taking back my powers it was about appreciating my inspired prowess to lust of life’s unworldly sapience trusting…

My abilities to appreciate bold inspirational light inspiring trendsetting innovative enterprising savvy to understand my folklore of me…

Myself and I mystical magical thaumaturgy to purge the poverty to surge of safari audacity reveres gallant revolutionary inspired desire…

Enjoy download and listen to a free meditation CD at http://mycowboywisdom.com

Author’s page www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson

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Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

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