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I asked me… How bountiful will the world be all people walk their wisdom into the world for all people to enjoy? As I awoke this day…

This question poked me… How people fear the wisdom talent innovation and courage? To express their innate leadership talents…

To themselves because to feel their internal inspiration and aspirations their cloned comfort zone becomes a unsettle kettle of emotional…

Oomph because the unsettled kettle of energy encompasses the intrepid energy that overpowers the controlling troll within…

To stroll their talented temerity into the world in bold bright new way I walk of wisdom to fervently feel I walk my wisdom through me…

Myself and I to hear the classy candor of my mystical inspirational magic enter my innerprising intuition to excite my innovation…

Aspirations that sensationalize my innerwise to invigorate natural nous energize revered wizardry seeing everyday to listen to expand…

My walk of wisdom to waltz astute literary kevalin miracles yessing my wakened internal savvy dawns omnific miracles to flow across…

My third eye of legacy lore opens my heart sagacity soul electricity shining my cells glowing grandeur to the world as I now expand…

Of internal fortitude feisty foresight that ignites my gut gusto to gleam my esteemed elegance the way I walk my wisdom into the worldly…

Vista to unlock the blocks of history the school system of must live this way English Class that taught be me to be second through…

The simplicity of “you and I” went away instantly now I write speak politically incorrect “me and you” allowed me myself and I to …

Dissolve and release the lies of my egoistical sabotage to grasp these sayings are fallacies of the ego I done that for years I’m going to…

That I thought that I think that I know that I talked about that the other day I could do that etc. unlashed this new dashing wisdom…

Within me myself and I truth honour integrity are time and date stamped in the subconscious imagery that allows me to walk…

My wisdom because I listen to all of the world as I express confession of my controlling trolls within me to expand peoples lives…

As I address my internal landscape with honour integrity morals and ethics to admit and release whatever I feel I did unethical allows me…

To energize my emotional appreciation for everything and everybody that crossed my path of percipience enlightened me myself and I…

To the core opulence to show me myself and I my self worth that allows me to avow my trailblazer lore torchbearer savvy feel…

My polished trendsetter talent shows me I walk my wisdom into the world allowing people to understand all people stumble and bumble..

Through life with feeling humility free my bee buzzing aliveisme decrees to understand my life expands through listened love…

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Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

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