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Life is loveGrit Get and Go Gall

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I now feel my gleaming revolutionary inspirations today galvanizing eternal temerity ascending natural determination gallantly opening…

Gut audacity loving life luxurious intimacy feeling emotional grandeur to surrender my egotistical arrogance that pandered to my pity me…

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Paucity went away instant I uncovered and discovered my is my responsibility to experience the lavish bliss my sired desires yearn…

For me to embellish and enjoy so I unleashed my gamboling grit get and go gall to understand life is a bountiful ball as I energize…

My gut strut to experience it all through dissolving the old innerprising my sassy savvy to see the colors of universes utopia for me to relish…

As I listened to my grit get and go gall to ask me… How is everything I taught me myself and I my current way of life as I now opened up…

To ask… How is everything I taught me myself and I the limiting larcenists of my desired life? I as my grit get and gall energized me…

Myself and I to laundry the larcenists within me myself and I to unleash a sassy tenacity with my arteries of audacity cleared…

My veins of veracity releasing a electric enlightenment that cleaned my core of savvy lore embracing my catapulting curiosity to rumba…

My rococo utopian moxie boldly animating my innovative intuition feeling my spurring spunk unlock spectacular parading unearthly…

Nous keenly allows me to understand to learn is to listen everyday appreciate realizing natural acumen arises from the encounters…

Of my daily escapades because listen lionizes internal savvy tantalizing enterprising nirvana to streams through my cells of hell yes I listen…

To my grit get go gall to feel and witness I encompass it all from honour to the love of life and feel the listening bliss of the love of…

The universes nirvanic utopia within me because the universe I am uncovering and discovering is within me myself and I as I now listen…

With grit get go gall to hear the wisdom of my day to embellish my dreamers awesome yes I am of my dreamers dare to show me…

Myself and I my spry rare resolve to evolve of endless visionary omnificence living vivacious epiphanies because I walk of wisdom…

To show me I walk my wisdom as the world and all the people of the universe the paths of plush luxury flows through all people veins…

Of unattained acumen within their skin as I understand my grit get and go gall galvanizes awesome love living my dreams through…

My internal inspired desires because I now understand the only person that can steal my dreams and desires is me myself and I…

So I now instantly dissolved that way of thinking within me frees my soaring grit get and gall to discover my dreamers inspiration…

Sassy chutzpah optimizing visionary electricity revving up my waltzing will of my grit get and go to through a party of parading affluence…

Enjoy download and listen to a free meditation CD at

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Open your wisdom to Understand Fear to Expand Out of Fear, 

Walk of Wisdom Webinar September 29, 2015,

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With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

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