Dissolving My Egotistical View of Me

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Dissolving My Egotistical View of Me

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I now grasp my infatuates my image of me through thinking as the spiritual understanding shows me myself and I internal integrity…

Heart honour soul morality to walk of my self-savvy trusting my abilities as I now grasp my egotistical paradoxes think big in…

Smugness kept tugging me myself and I into feeling sorry for myself because the physical world occurrences is the opposite of…

My egotistical thinking keeping feeling small internally and my life circumstances and events was everybody else’s fault was…

My secret cult of tumultuous turmoil within stinking thinking as I uncovered and discovered trying to fit in ends up being taken…

Advantage of by others yet really I took advantage of myself because I tried to walk the path of others taking the easy way to self…

Paralyzing lie I kept telling myself looking outward for my strength weakened my me until my core courage awaken to blatantly ask me…

What the well was I thinking? Instantly gave me a swift kick of thriving temerity now is the time to listen to seers of endearing energies…

To expand through life with wisdom as I allowed life to steal myself esteem seems absurd yet follow herd is absurd and cockeyed…

Awkwardness that kept me listening in my head of being right all the time kept me swinging on vines of denying me from hearing…

My internal sages as uncaged this sagacity I now understand the ego views life through the thinking mind binding me to what I know and…

I’m always right as spirit understands life through the heart and soul as I now show the world I encompass virtuous valor to experience…

My views of life through eternal spirit listening to my veracity of innocence allows me to invigorate my lionized lore to understand…

My life exposes my vulnerability through my I now understand arrogance thinks it has power over people opened my sovereign…

Savvy to understand arrogance only has power over people that live in fear and scared of their talents and have egotistical view of…

Themselves through internal inferiority as I now realize life expands as I grasp my eternal spirit raises sassy prowess internally…

Revolutionizing intuitive trails of triumph feeling my emancipated emotion oomph energize my vibrant visionary veracity to grasp and…

Admit my snobbish male ego was creator of my harassing havoc within me because when things went awry my hidden habits of itching…

My bitch creating a red ass crass that bosses me around in frowning frothing at the mouth doubt drowning in scared apathy to admit…

It is easier to say nothing that stand up and be accountable to my eternal spirit and internal honour as I now realize my life is…

Expanding of grandeur as I dissolve my thinking egotistical arrogance to realize and appreciate my ego of effrontery gut omnipotence…

That listens to the world of wisdom I encounter through out my day-to-day escapades of erudite extravaganzas…

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With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

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