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Cowboy Wisdom

I now see life through my inspired eyes listened inspiration feeling my liberated innocence cleaned cleansed and cleared my inner scenery…

I now witness my day-to-day escapades through inspired eyes inspirational listening to hear my music of mature audacious…

Sovereignty invigorating candid communication within my skin as I now understand I dissolved growing through things to grasp I…

Naturally mature through life liberating internal fortitude energizing my gut wizardry because I now allow my emotional innerprizer…

Awaken my animated wiseofI AM kinetically exalts nirvana nous to stream through my intestinal fortitude with I accomplish everything…

Attitude cutting crappy sappy silliness out me because I unhooked my hallowed thaumaturgy tenacity to understand miracles occur…

Because I am willing to witness the miracle in the way it entered my life because I now concede when in need miracles stay hidden…

Because I stay so busy thinking about all the unsavory stuff that has occurred in my life I stifle myself internally because to witness…

My miracles my inspired eyes are wide open all my divine sending spine tingling revelations down my spinal cord of innovation enthuses…

My mystical gut visionary to magically unleash sapient enterprising enthusiasm as I see animated sensations magically appear on my…

Third eye movie of matured innovations that invigorate natural nabob omnificence vigor aggrandizing trendsetting intuitive opportunistic…

Nibbana sensations that flow glows and shows me myself and I a new way to walk astutely yup I am freeing me throughout my core décor…

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