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I forgive m I am freeDream To Experience Life

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I now grasp it is easy to dare to dream to experience the dreams excites my core entrepreneur to naturally mature me myself and I…

To understand I never ever had a past to heal I have memories of what I thought occurred in this moment that was ingrained…

Through beliefs expectations what I was told others views and what I accept from the situation because I was never taught to listen…

To life expanding eulogies of the circumdance enhanced my evolving resolve realize everyday savvy livens visionary epiphanies…

Dissolving releasing and letting go of needs and wants that keep me in healing of fallacies because I now understand life is perpetual…

Motions of maturing moxie to experience my dreams under grace of love appreciation and participation to be of dreamers dance now and…

Forever as I rose this morning with singing sensation flowing through me myself a I to understand my dreams show me my true talent and…

Trailblazing abilities as gut struts my savvy trendsetting utopian torchbearer lore to lionize innocence realizing everyday life fissures…

Me strangle hold on the moldy old rat a tat craps of yesterday unleashed my sovereign sass to understand I dissolved let go and…

Released being a healer expanded of showing the world I am innovator of innocence that dances my dreamers animated nirvana candor…

Energizing my valorous geysers of ingenuity that keenly shines my inner scenery with my dreams daredevilry realizing everyday…

Acclaims maturing savvy to grasp my day to day scampers are hampered with control and people that want to take charge…

Of my life was repressive rancor within me by admitting and realizing this I set my animated audacity free as I my listened luminary…

Awakens VIP prowess because I now realize admit and adhere to my dreams are daring me to dissolve let go and release living…

In memories trying to heal self-imposed teachings of what I know and told by as society of controlling everything I awoke today with this…

I have been taught to heal secondary factions of my life experiences because physical experiences are replays of my internal trying…

To heal something of memory from beliefs viewpoints and what I was told by I believed in as I was told as child to do this and that never…

Showed the way to mature because I now realize heal is trying to grow up as I now understand dreams show me myself and I…

My matured visionary veracity to expand on my vertical time line hearing my divine spine communicating candor…

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With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

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