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I now understand I expanded out of thinking how to balance my life into facilitating the events of the moment allowed me innovator…

Of innocence to allow my quiet quixotic questioner investigate the circumstance with enhanced meddling moxie authorwised me…

Myself and I to grasp life sends me circumstances to entertain me myself and I to dissolve release and let go of stuff that has been…

Bluffing into staying on the couch growing a pouch of pity me deception because I now unleash my innovator of innocence initiates…

Natural nous optimizing visionary animation tantalizing omnific reveries opening feisty inspirational nascent nabob opulence…

Canonizing everyday nirvana chutzpah energizing my innerprising innocence to understand a dream shows me my esteemed energies…

Of sovereignty from a societal one system fits all because I now realize admit and get that me myself and I encompass the rad revolutionary…

Acumen daring me to fissure my self-taught bluffing BS of thinking the school system my parents ancestral survival stuff fits my me…

Myself and I went away instantly as my innovator of innocence awaken my god forsaken troublemaker to understand I think in thin and dim…

As inspiration ignites a fire of desire to dream ecstasy ascend magnificent innocence inspiring worldly innovation unblocks…

As I hid my inner most chiding hiding behind a mask of crass as dissolve release let go and admit I internally think in shame…

Overthink in blame then ingrain a memory of pain that keeps the thinking sham of damn why is this happening to me and…

Why does everybody have more than me as I now realize and concede I lived in memorized demise of want and need trying to get rich…

Quick ick was my thickheaded turmoil because I was afraid to listen to the glistening geniuses of the world as I now dissolve release and…

Let go of thinking I know it all and trying to be everything to everybody was fallacy of trying to be liked be all was squall…

Of sabotage within me myself and I to understand admit and get that life is innocent of everything my self-taught saboteur told me…

It was because I now recognize to of my fostering proponent of the moment listening liberates inspirational sassy tenacity expanding…

Natural innovative nirvana galvanizing my life to be of galloping gusto as I see the presto prominence of innocence…

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