Dissolving My Everything is Mine Mind

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Dissolving My Everything is Mine Mind

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I now understand dissolving my everything is mine mind ends my war on poverty energizing my parades of plush lush cornucopia…

As I instantly dissolved released and let go of my everything is mine mind to unwind my I won wizardry of eternal freedom…

As I now understand the world blames money and wealth for everything as I now understand wealthy people allow their money…

To overtake them in their mine mind with a thinking mindset everything is theirs so they hear through their inner selfish dialog…

Everything in world mine creating their everything in mine mind speak to them is the blemish of their wants and needs to feel the power…

Of overthinking selfishness as I admitted to me I resist everything in thinking expand of innocent imagination understanding dreams are…

Innocence inspiration innovation and true talent as I now understand decisions are made through wants and need for security…

As inspiration excite innovation of insight to expand through situation attaining new wisdom by appreciating and participating through…

Execute my experiences of expansionism to internally see me witness my accomplished outcomes of lavish endless avalanches…

Received abundances because I am Robert A. Wilson with Cowboy Wisdom with dawning desires to expand 175,000,000 million peoples…

Lives to understand their talents and grandeur of themselves in a bold way as I unraveled I think in self-taught poverty…

As I energize my participating of prosperity and all my divine abundances through recognizing accomplished actions of…

My gut struts as I asked me… How I have a taught myself to resist my abundances through wants needs and decisions?

Poverty is a decision as wealth is of inspiration as I now hear my parents say Rob don’t ask for anything when we go in here…

As I now unlock that block how has that phrase stayed with me as people said Rob what makes you think you deserve anything zings…

A stinging sobriety of I taught me myself and I to never desires anything because I was stymied in the listlessness of my..

Everything is mine mind because I was pandering to my poverty paralyzes internally as I now grasp and admit it was my wanting…

Of money was my stalling silliness opened this astute appreciation people are my wealth and money is by product of my wisdom…

Innovation talent and innocent inspiration I put forth to the universes airwaves ascend innocent revelations whooshing awesome visionary…

Enterprising splendor through the divine spine savvy of all people as I now admit realize and dissolve things that were said to me as child…

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With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

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