Dissolving My Inner Bullying

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Dissolving My Inner Bullying

I now disarm the bullies of the world because I see the warrior of peace within me as I decree I am free because I disarmed…

My inner bully because a bully thinks and feels inadequate internally towards the person they are bullying therefore they bully other…

To cover their inner pain by thinking somebody that is different than them is their enemy on physical and to look tough in the eyes…

Of their followers and anybody different than the bully mirrors the enemy within so I now concede a bully bullies their inadequacies…

In physical because a bully is afraid of anything different internally and have to have a flock of followers to feel good about themselves…

As I dissolve my inner bully to admit to dissolve my bullying fears because relied on my physical strength and the help of others…

To control others because I now realize bullies lack inner courage and celestial candor to communicate…

With others as I asked me… How does a bully live in fear being scared people will discover their inadequacies?

I asked me… How does everything on the physical plane begin in my inner landscape? I now grasp I bullied myself to be bullied by others…

I now understand I was cruel to myself never thinking I was good enough for the world masking over my hurt feelings and scorned…

Emotions as I am curious investigate bullying occurs in present time to ask… How does bullying stem from ancestral way of life?

As I ask… How does my inner ridicule become physical bullying? Bullying is phony tuff bluff because it is done in groups never alone…

Bullies run in packs like hyenas waiting to prey on somebody with a different vibrations cause inner uncertainty and insecurity in bullies…

So bullies go to physical forces to make up for the inner inadequacies creating a strike back quackery opened this question…

How bullying today ancient arrogance and DNA ingrained? As I now query the bullying theory as ancestral taught and self-inflicted fear…

How is somebody being bullied today a bully in the past as the bully today was bullied in a past life? I now understand through past life…

Regression I have taken people back life times so to expand out of hidden haunts now is the time to untwist existing human twit…

Liberating spiritual supremacy unlocking inner intimacy with me myself and I feeling liberated and emancipated because I honestly felt…

My intimacy sensing my piquant supremacy spices up my esteemed radiance heats up my neat nirvana emotions affections tantalizes…

My nervy vivacity as I asked me… How are kids and people afraid to express their feelings and emotions? I now realize wounded…

Emotions and hurt feelings silently sabotage peoples lives as I now dissolve my childhood wounded emotions and anguished feelings…

That still influence and control my thinking thoughts and memory I now grasp dark farces control as inspiration invigorates newbright…

Brilliance to flow from unknown untaught and unsoiled sources within me to be imaginatively expressed to the people of the world…

That expands newbright inlightenmint as I understand concede and get my physical life is innovated from within me…

* I realize I polish my emotions and feelings to shine my divine debonair flair feeling love audacious invigorating rebellious…

Emotions boating on my rivers of riches skiing on my seas of splendor yachting on my oceans of bountiful bliss riding my mountains…

Of magnificent splendor enjoy my saunter through life feeling lionized innocence feeling euphoria flow through my veins animation heat up…

My arteries of awesome as I relish and embellish my pioneering prowess watching my parade of posh prosperity celebrating pristine…

Peace flow through me myself and I to the world in brightnow nirvana feeling newbright rainbow glowing grandeur under grace embracing…

Love and appreciation for all people and all my life events now and forever more Thank You and I Love You and All

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With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

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