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I Shine My Dreams

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I Shine of My Dreams .001

#I_Feel my optimists gist generating imaginative splendor today opens the way for me to view my life thru venturers eyes energizing spiritual spectaculars to arise thru every phase of my amazing life as I light up internally beaming my hearts smile & souls grin galvanizing resplendent innocence naturally opening my spiritual self to the pageantry of my invisible powers and their invincible wisdom to energize my wise to expand through life with luminary inspiration feeling ecstatic now and forever more… #Good_Day

I Do

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I Do.001

#Good_Day #I_Feel morning magically opens rich new innovative nirvana grandeur to rise from within me to relish my day with daring audacity yessing the blessings I receive this day sensing a hellacious heyday occurring for me this day so sunrise opens the mystical bliss of this day for me saunter through with my imaginative intuition flow with animated trendsetter images clearing the way for me to tango with my desired life thriving of health wealth love and a never ending moneyed up cashflow now and forever more…

Yazzadapper Now

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Yazzadapper Now .001

#I_Turned_On my light of life letting fly inspiration fascinating eternity with my now wininity wowing intergalactic nirvana invigorating now ingenuity intuiting trailblazer yazzawizardry that jazzes up my expanding thru situations with sassy imaginative tenacity
​ trendsetting everything now accelerating ceremonious ​intimacy tilliatting yes to all my lavish endless cashflow beaming my divine self showing everybody love feeling the power of me mature everything within me frees me to treasure my life with glorious gusto…
Endless Inspiration by Robert A. Wilson via @amazon

Blessed Thanksgiving

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Blessed Thanksgivng.001.jpeg

#Today_I_Cleansed myself of all my delusional debris freed me to feel my forthright revolutionary essence energizing dreamers acumen invigorating life yeses to flow thru me embellishes my day to day extravaganzas as I celebrate life with a soul full of classy savvy showcasing my sassy sovereignty free of need and want understand I Am the strength and confidence to expand through life basking on my beaches of bountiful bliss kissing my life of leisure Good Morning Good Afternoon and Good Night beaming a smile of gratitude to the invisible sources of the universe now and forever more… #Good_Day

Sunshine Flowing

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Sunshine Flowing .001

#I_Receive heavenly splendor now sensing peace loving everyday naturally dawns optimistic riches 2 flow thru my chi of free feeling robust energizing enterprising wizardry 2 rise & shine from my terra incognita gold mine that is my mother lode of lavish abundances I enjoy today and everyday in every way I show me the way to waltz through life with a detached panache showing me my challenges are never a match for my venturers vitality…

Troublemaker Grit

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Troublemaker Grit .001

#I_Set_Free my trendsetter optimist opening potentate temerity intuiting mystical imaginative splendor today tantalizing omnific dreamers acuity yessing my life with lavish avalanches of healthy abundances feeling inner serenity flow through my arteries of artistry instantly allows me to show people a better way #Good_Day

I Switch On

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I Switch On .001.jpeg

#I_feel my spiritual supremacy unleash my spicy wisdom to waltz infinitely supreme dawning optimists mastery masterfully ascending suave trailblazer enthusiasm revering yazzapizzazz that dances my charismatic charm through the universe exuding unique acumen to expand through life lighting up inner fun everyday because I experience heaven on earth heydays today and everyday in every way under grace in bold bright way…