Heart Heat

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Heart Heat.001

#Good_Day_I_Unleashed my ambling ardor adventurously releasing dreamers optimizing rebellious yeses to bless my day to day escapades with peaceful aura appreciating unknown rendezvous with unsettling events that energize visionary epiphanies naturally tantalizing stunning success blessing my life of ecstasy setting me free forever


Classy Courage

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#Good_Day #Mondays_Mystical sunrise awakened my warrior wit to get on with my day daring me to expand out of yesterday dissolving all my haunts of taunting turmoil boiling out all my distressing BS to boldly see today as my day of copious cornucopia dances with me so elegantly as I fly through today with the greatest of ease

Respond of Fond

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#Mondays_Maestro orchestrates my core orator to express my feelings of love gratitude and appreciation I feel for all people & life events because I now realize respect & admire people are my tutors and metaphors of trendsetter utopian temerity optimizing rainbow splendor for me
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Expectations are Assumptions

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#Good_Day Today’s light of thriving temerity illuminated my core celebrations canonizes everyday elegance boldly revering artistic treasures optimizes nomad nerve to relish traveling through my terra incognita terrain uncovering and discovering my innovators fame feeling artistic miracles energizing my affluent accomplished outcomes…

Unrecognized Limitations

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#Good_Day_Tuesdays_Heavenly¬†wealth opens your heart of hellacious elegant affluence realizing today is the day your stand tall receiving your lavish endless avalanches of money flow allows you to sit on your seashores adoring your streaming copious cornucopia enjoying life laughing infinitely feeling embracing love from inside you and from the world in a bright bold way…

I Am Wisdom

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Broaden your wisdom read… I Am Wisdom by Robert A Wilson energizes your vocabulary to expand your life…
I Am Wisdom Am Wisdom by @mycowboywisdom #aspiration #foresight via @SlideShare

Gift of Now

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#Good_Day_My_Supra_Sunday energizes my ultra utopian wit to rise from within me instantly showed me the way to my Promised Land of lavish affluence naturally dancing to my dreamers dare beams my debonair flair as I enjoy the thrills of expanding through life with a thriving curiosity trusting my visionary virtuoso let’s go vigor now and forever more I soar of my newfound brightnow wow
I Am Wisdom via @authorhouseuk