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Unflawed Magnificence

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#Good_Day_I_Now grasp and respect fear is an innerprising awakening actuating willpower ascending kevalin energy naturally invigorating newfound gumption to realize I embedded my fears and life exposes me to my forthright fissuring foresight to liberate me from me & yesteryears sneers endearing me to my newfound savvy of sovereign adventurous visionary vitality yessing my self respect and self admiration my willing wisdom to appreciate my life with gallant gratitude respecting others for who they are now and forever more… 

Heart Heat

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#Good_Day_I_Unleashed my ambling ardor adventurously releasing dreamers optimizing rebellious yeses to bless my day to day escapades with peaceful aura appreciating unknown rendezvous with unsettling events that energize visionary epiphanies naturally tantalizing stunning success blessing my life of ecstasy setting me free forever

4.0 On the Go

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I asked me… How does society boundaries linger inside my subconscious landscape? So I detached unknown hidden blocks by understanding societal blocks hid within my subconscious landscape… So to expand out of societal control listen to… Letting Go of Silent Societal Control via YouTube

Head Up Eyes Onward

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Read n1st person #Good_Day Mondays sunrise geysered my new day of dreamers audacity yessing my enterprising inspirations to rise from within me like the sun over the Grand Tetons unsheathes my pioneering spirit to witness my day of splendor with a smile from soul with harp music playing from heart harmonizing everyday adventures revering todays amazing jubilees now and forever more

I Am Wisdom

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Broaden your wisdom read… I Am Wisdom by Robert A Wilson energizes your vocabulary to expand your life…
I Am Wisdom Am Wisdom by @mycowboywisdom #aspiration #foresight via @SlideShare

Gift of Now

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#Good_Day_My_Supra_Sunday energizes my ultra utopian wit to rise from within me instantly showed me the way to my Promised Land of lavish affluence naturally dancing to my dreamers dare beams my debonair flair as I enjoy the thrills of expanding through life with a thriving curiosity trusting my visionary virtuoso let’s go vigor now and forever more I soar of my newfound brightnow wow
I Am Wisdom via @authorhouseuk

Dissolving Ancient Anger

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Dissolve Revenge Thinking Read Dissolving Ancient Anger this book is written in first person with minimal punctuation for the readers highest outcomes Dissolving Ancient Anger … via @authorhouseuk