Keys of Freedom

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#I_Feel my unique sunrise sheens my keen kinetic energy that geysers pristine serene splendor to glow from my heart aura beams my aurora borealis coloring the heavenly skies with my souls lavish wizardry that brilliantly skywrites rainbow inspirations for all to read escalating the innate talent to rise and shine illuminating their paths of lush prosperity lighting up my heavenly peace feeling the sumptuous splendor of day to day extravaganzas now and forever more #Good_Day http://www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson

Grinning Grandeur

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#Good_Day #I_Feel my inlightened brightened brilliance rainbows my colorful charisma canonizes hellacious affluence revelling of splendor magically ascending my sassy sexy courage celebrating my innate potentate prowess wowing innovative pride to arrive to ride my waves of wealth raving about my life of Riley feeling my optimum utopia revving up awesome glorious extravaganzas basking of bountiful bliss kissing my life of leisure 24/7 because I felt the blessings of dexterous daredevilry that freed me from my past allowing to experience my nunow wow…

Colorful Candor

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#Good_Fun_Day #I_Woke today feeling my trendsetter optimism dancing amazing yazzapanache of detached daredevilry decrees my life is free of yesterday optimizing my nunow nirvana unleashing never ending opulence whooshes in my life of lavish serenity relishing my plush lush life of glowing peace and flowing prosperity allows me to sail upon my oceans of opulence seeing the world the wealthy eyes and hearing health as feel love flow to me and away from me now and forever more…


Glistening Guides

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#Good_Day as my souls sunrise awakens me to feel my hearts hellraisers classy celebrations energize my troublemaker tenacity to blow out of town to relish life’s pristine splendor turned on my adventurous ardor for me to soar feeling my impeccable bountiful bliss mystically appears in my life from out of everywhere as I dare me myself and I to let go and glow of my glistening guides that show up out of everywhere illuminating my paths of immaculate peace and plush prosperity now and forever more… 

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Wow of Me

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Wow of Me .001

#Good_Wealthy_Day #I_Unleashed my gree of free realizing & admiring I Am the prize of victory sauntering with my dreamers daredevilry that liberated me from societal stuff opening my hellraiser heart to travel thru my trials of turmoil that instantly cleared my trails of triumph beaming success because I listened my spirit savvy that entrusted my blessed abilities to expand through life with wisdom and inspiration the unlocked my immaculate imagination the energized my innovative intuition to express my newnow nirvana and audacious acumen feeling my venturesome vigor as smile at my day to day encounters with enterprising gumption treasuring my outcomes…
#wisdom #inspiration #gumption

Utopian Daredevilry

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Utopian Daredevilry .001

#Good_Miraculous_Day #I_Feel my life’s liberating inspirations free enterprising splendor unlocked my imaginative lore energized my intuitive wizardry lets fly my visionary vitality to view the world as vibrant innovative extravaganzas whirls in my fun of the sun success ​feeling​ enthroned treasuring experiencing be bountifully blessed basking on my beaches of bliss kissing my wealthy healthy life good morning good afternoon and good night dancing in the bright light of me myself and I flying first class now and forever more…

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Glow of Gratitude

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Glow of Gratitude .001

#I_Glow of glory thrusting my gut gusto to throw me a prosperity party the rocks the world with optimism revolutionizing luxury dazzling the world with lush liberation from everything that was a stinging dingaling thing instantly cleared the way for me dance with lavish abundance opening peoples heart communication to express love their love for their lives as I thrive of alive souls serenity feeling my sovereign sassy self riding and roping my winds of hellacious wealth feeling heavenly healthy now and forever more… #Good_Day