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#Good_Day #My_Sunrise_Mirrors my imaginative spirit rising within me to experience everyday with enterprising bliss kissing my day with daredevil audacity yazzawowing my sunlit wit to laser thru the dark of my day lights up my unsoiled savvy to waltz out of the core of my challenges styling my NewNow avows my awesome vibrancy optimizes warrior sophistication showing me my maestro electricity maturing yazzapizzazz to flow thru my arteries of autonomy shows me I am illuminated awesome today and everyday in every way I show my sovereign classy self to the world with gratitude and appreciation now and forever more… http://www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson

Flowerish Bliss

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#I_Now understand new occurs every second of everyday opening the way for me to hear new airwaves of brilliance to enhance my sun lit wit energizes my grit get and go to throw a prosperity party in my honour today & everyday in every way as I show me I Am a celebrated champion riding my waves of health enjoy the tranquility of wealth showing the world love flows through my arteries of awesome because I encompass the desire to trust my spirit splendor to be a defender of my old ways of life as I am thriving traveler of life’s simple pleasures showcasing my everlasting class


I Do

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I Do.001

#Good_Day #I_Feel morning magically opens rich new innovative nirvana grandeur to rise from within me to relish my day with daring audacity yessing the blessings I receive this day sensing a hellacious heyday occurring for me this day so sunrise opens the mystical bliss of this day for me saunter through with my imaginative intuition flow with animated trendsetter images clearing the way for me to tango with my desired life thriving of health wealth love and a never ending moneyed up cashflow now and forever more…  http://www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson

Happy New Year 2020

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#Happy_New_Year unleashes my yearning expanding affluent riches to flow from my heart sanctions my soul 2 send out unselfish love lighting up the heavenly skies with spry wizardry freeing the world from yesterday understanding & admiring everyday is awakening to the imaginative prowess of me maturing enterprising wizardry decrees my to dance everyday expressing canny revolutionizing elegance eloquently stimulating my innate talents to rise from within me mirroring a spring sunrise with all the flowers in full bloom and all the newborn animals playing allows me to enjoy life with a thriving smile now and forever more…

Sunshine Flowing

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Sunshine Flowing .001

#I_Receive heavenly splendor now sensing peace loving everyday naturally dawns optimistic riches 2 flow thru my chi of free feeling robust energizing enterprising wizardry 2 rise & shine from my terra incognita gold mine that is my mother lode of lavish abundances I enjoy today and everyday in every way I show me the way to waltz through life with a detached panache showing me my challenges are never a match for my venturers vitality…

I Liberated Me

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I Liberated Me.001

#I_Feel the splendor of me decree my daring enterprising candor naturally dance optimists resolve through my innovative veins of visionary epiphanies invigorating nirvana stimulating my innate gifts of genius initiate farseeing trendsetter success as I feel my blessing of bountiful love expanding spiritual splendor invigorating numen gumption treasuring my life through tranquil pleasures now and forever more… #Good_Day


Emotional Confidence

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Emotional Confidence .001.jpeg

#I_Grasp_Life lionizes immaculate fervor energy expanding new enterprising reveries galvanizing yazzawisdom from my life experiences feeling hellacious health monstrous wealth and trendsetting talent that allows me to utilize the wise to waltz incredibly successful everyday experiencing heavenly heyday dancing of lavish endless abundances now and forever more I mature opulence realizing ecstasy #Good_Day