I Do

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#Good_Day #I_Feel morning magically opens rich new innovative nirvana grandeur to rise from within me to relish my day with daring audacity yessing the blessings I receive this day sensing a hellacious heyday occurring for me this day so sunrise opens the mystical bliss of this day for me saunter through with my imaginative intuition flow with animated trendsetter images clearing the way for me to tango with my desired life thriving of health wealth love and a never ending moneyed up cashflow now and forever more…  http://www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson

Yazzadapper Now

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#I_Turned_On my light of life letting fly inspiration fascinating eternity with my now wininity wowing intergalactic nirvana invigorating now ingenuity intuiting trailblazer yazzawizardry that jazzes up my expanding thru situations with sassy imaginative tenacity
​ trendsetting everything now accelerating ceremonious ​intimacy tilliatting yes to all my lavish endless cashflow beaming my divine self showing everybody love feeling the power of me mature everything within me frees me to treasure my life with glorious gusto…
Endless Inspiration by Robert A. Wilson https://lnkd.in/gSKxNFW via @amazon

Happy New Year 2020

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#Happy_New_Year unleashes my yearning expanding affluent riches to flow from my heart sanctions my soul 2 send out unselfish love lighting up the heavenly skies with spry wizardry freeing the world from yesterday understanding & admiring everyday is awakening to the imaginative prowess of me maturing enterprising wizardry decrees my to dance everyday expressing canny revolutionizing elegance eloquently stimulating my innate talents to rise from within me mirroring a spring sunrise with all the flowers in full bloom and all the newborn animals playing allows me to enjoy life with a thriving smile now and forever more…

Audacious Yazzawow

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#I_Unleashed my yazzawow to the world hearing yes to my dreams letting my fly my audacious willpower optimizing wisdom within me setting me free to feel my life expand with energized grit get & go enterprising efficacy relishing my plush endless stream of cash flow as I glow my authentic charismatic charm to the world opening the earths airwaves to ravishing rapturous riches energizing people life of leisure as I bask on my beaches of bountiful bliss… #Good_Day

Invigorating Lore

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#I_Am a trendsetter treasure traveling through my enterprising experiences to expand me out of yesterday energizing my now enterprising my plush accomplished outcomes basking of inner peace feeling my hearts wisdom unleash my souls savvy to the world to expand all people opening people to understand all negativity is effigy of their knowing and trying to fit in so the world wins today because win invigorates new ways of experiencing the light of life to thrive of innovative wizardry… #Good_Day


Utopia Rendevous

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#I_Feel magic in my heart mystery flow through my soul as I sense outlandish utopian lore lyricize on cloud nine revelations energizing my troubadour ardor to soar singing optimistic wisdom thru the earths airwaves opening my peoples hearts to their inner magical wow avowing me to be free because I unleashed the miracles within me to the world in a bright elegant way… #Good_Day


Nirvana Nucleus

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Nirvana Nucleus .001

#I_Shine my souls sparkling splendor to the world opening my heart to understand whatever unsavory stuff that has gone on in my life is now gone opened me to new wisdom expands my will to enjoy my thrill ride of release to ride my tides of success b/c I trusted me myself and I unlocking my newfound abilities energizing audacious agility to magically maneuver through life with the greatest of ease now and forever more…